If it is disclosed to you that a co-worker - or someone you know or interact with through your workplace - is trans-identified or transitioning on the job, it is important to continue to treat that person with respect, care, and dignity.


If someone is having a difficult time and requires support, actively listen to their needs. validate their experiences, and show compassion and empathy.

Educating Yourself.

There are lots of amazing resources availble to you online and through different community centres. Take the time to seek them out.

If you have a question about someone's body or identity, make sure to stop and think about why you might be asking that question. It it is a question about surgery or their body, chances are you don't need to ask it.


Using the name and pronouns by which they wish to be addressed.





If you are having difficulty with this change, don't be afraid to practice in your head, or with other co-workers.