When developing an employee support plan, it is important to allow the employee to guide this process. Every transition process is unique and has different steps.

After an initital timeline has been createdm revisit it on occasion. Check in to see if anything has changed; perhaps the employee wishes to amend the timeline in some way. Be flexible and open to thse changes. Ensure that the employee understands that this timeline is provisional and that they can discuss and modify it as required.

Useful questions to discuss with a staff member who is transitioning.

What is the best way that I/we can support you in this process?

How and when would you like to discuss this transition with your co-workers, managers, and customers?

Would you like to take a couple of days off after this information has been disclosed?

Which washroom are you most comfortable using? How can I/we best support you in feeling comforatble using these facilities?

When and how would you like to start being addressed by your proper pronouns and name?

How would you like to be supported if/when people make a mistake and use the wrong pronoun and name?

Are you aware of the medical coverage that is offered by the organization you work for?

If you are planning any medical leave, do you have a timeline in mind?

Have we addressed the issues that feel most important to you? Help me/us understand what else needs to be put in place for you to feel supported.