Everyone has the right to go to the washroom without fear of violence or humiliation. Ontario's Human Rights Code protects people on the grounds of gender identity and gender expression; which means all people have the right to access washrooms, change rooms or other gendered spaces based on their lived identity (how they choose to identify and present themselves to the world). Their birth-assigned sex has no necessary correlation to their lived identity.

If someone has an issue with a person who identifies as trans using a particluar washroom or change room, it is their responsibility to remove themselves from tha situation. The duty to accommodate rests in providing the trans person access to the washroom or change room of their choice.

It is ideal to have at least one single-stall, gender-neutral washroom at your organization. Never assume that a person who identifies as trans wants to use gender-neutral washrooms. Point out all washroom location options. let the person decide where they want to go.


Consider using non-gendered uniforms. Creating a standard uniform where people can choose what makes them feel most comfortable is a great way to support all satf.. If your organization has gender-specific uniforms, do not select people's uniforms for them.