- Trauma Informed Counselling Services

The 519's Counselling Services are trauma-informed. Our service providers and front-line staff understand the impacts of trauma and work with clients to promote safety. Trauma-informed services are different from trauma-specific services, which usually involve longer-term therapy. If you are looking for trauma-specific services, we can provide you with appropriate referral information. Our online registration form is open between 1st and 10th day of each month:

Emerge LGBTQ Mentorship Program

Emerge is designed specifically for LGBTQ Convention Refugees and Permanent Residents residing in Canada for less than 5 years.

Newcomer Youth Mentorship

Youth Mentorship is a monthly program designed specifically for newcomer youth aged 14-19 who are Permanent Residents and Convention Refugees, residing in Canada for less than five years.

Next Steps

Next Steps is a monthly program offered at The 519 to LGBTQ+ convention refugee and permanent residents

Senior Pride Network

Senior Pride Network (SPN) is an association of individuals, organizations and community groups with a focus on health and social services.

The Kyle Scanlon Memorial Fund

The Kyle Scanlon Memorial Fund was established to memorialize the sudden passing of Kyle Scanlon, a long-time staff member of The 519, who worked closely with trans communities to support and advance trans inclusion.

Wills Clinic

Provides individuals with legal services pertaining to preparing and drafting wills, power of attorney and reporting letters for Pro Bono lawyers.